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Product Description

HydraCure™ M5 can be reused up to 20 times if rinsed, re-rolled and stored properly. Comprised of an inorganic, non-woven fabric coated with a white-pigmented film, the fabric backing traps and retains water to provide a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover. The white UV-resistant coating reflects the sun’s heat away from the slab’s surface, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring
optimal drying rates. HydraCure™ covers’ reflective properties make it ideal for a range of weather conditions by offering high heat and cold resistance.
Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure™ covers have smoother fibers that will not stick to the slab surface. And, unlike organic materials, they will not stain the slab, leave behind any residue after use or rot/mildew during storage.

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Manufacturer P N A INC

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